Germany must be destroyed as Cato said about Carthage|

valaoritis_germania_delenda_est_display By NANOS VALAORITIS|

 Germany must be destroyed as Cato said about CarthageCartago delenda est… Winston Churchill had said that every fifty years Germany must be bombed… No need to tell them why, they know why.

I would say Occupy Germany every 5O years before it becomes too menacing…This is a situation in which the Germans never learnt their lesson that they must abandon lies cheats and urges to aggressivity and domination as well as self-destruction.

 Germany targeted those who had fought against her in WWII

 This seems a very violent opening of an article but it only comes as a response to the equal violence that emanates from Germany, starting 5 years ago and continuing unabated against all countries of Europe since the crisis of 2008… Earlier it targeted especially those which had fought against her in WWII, in other words Yugoslavia, and to a lesser extent France… after de Gaulle …took over the “Resistance”. But Greece was on the list. In 2010 the hostility of revenge manifested itself with an article in the mag. FOCUS and the cover of Aphrodite giving the finger (to whom?)… in which the Greeks were cheats and double dealers had entered the Holy European Family, by fraud cooking their books with the help of the American firm Goldman Sachs.

 After that a rain of attacks reminding one of Goebbels’s lies, distortions and cheap racist, clichés such as they are lazy, subhuman, unreliable, terrible, must be punished … rained on Greece and the Greeks… turning them into pariahs the world over. Those who didn’t live WWII and the German Occupation don’t realize that the Germans still hold it against Greeks who resisted fiercely the Axis 291 days, for losing the battle of Russia after two months retardation of preparations for their attack, and perhaps losing also the War as the Field Marshall Keitel, Hitler’s chief of staff admitted to TIME mag.

 The same spirit of vengeance thinly disguised as an attack on a dictator and “war criminal”, Milosevic, and his allies, (what happened to the Nazi War Criminals, was Germany bombarded again for giving them shelter?) presided in the background against Yugoslavia and its bombardment and dismemberment. The horrors of its civil war always distorted in favor of the Croatian nationalists, the Albanians and Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs.

 The Greeks today are in the same position with the Jews in the past

 The characteristic newspaper Bild asked recently in an article who do you consider the most dangerous country or leader in Europe for Germany? Russia with Putin or Greece with Tsipras? The answer was Greece was more dangerous because it threatened the economy (sic), reminding one when Hitler heaped the woes of the Weimar economic crisis on the Jews. So if indeed Greece is more dangerous let it become that so that the bullying of the Germans cease.

Once more the paranoia and the persecution mania have got hold of the Germans as when Hitler told them that they were in danger from the Jews and that they had to be exterminated. The irrationality of this order from the Fuhrer was not questioned…How did this occur as a psychological mass phenomenon? And this brings me to a horrific episode of the Russian War in Kiev when two soldiers were executing Jews on orders and one said to another.. “I’m tired killing Jews but we have to do it because the Fuhrer said they were a danger to the fatherland….”!!!

 This type of argument used against Greece and the Greeks, is today unchanged. A combination of malevolence, heaping your problems on another who is responsible for your distress. One wonders how this kind of mentality, naively and entirely unexamined, is shared by other nations from Holland to Finland who do not question the dictums of the German press and government namely their minister of Finance who plays the role of the all-knowing Fuhrer.

The German Totalitarian Democracy

 Under the same absurd logic everything that Europe is going through or might go through would be the fault of Greece and those lazy good for nothing Greeks, who even had the audacity to vote for a radical left Keynesian party and government which stands up against the bible of austerity, emanating from he German Government, the ECB the IMF and the EU and its neoliberal parties in power, associated with the social democrats as if they were one with insignificant differences, a form of totalitarian Democracy somewhat like the Republic of Patricians in Roman times, in which Senate no plebeians were allowed until they revolted.. And then they criticize Putin for being authoritarian …It’s like the frying-pan calling the kettle black.

 After the model of the Roman Republic equally aggressive and voracious it seems is the actual German model of their so called democracy, in which an article in the newspaper Bild kisses the hand of the minister of economics thanking him in a servile manner for saving Germany (sic) by punishing with another Nein the wicked Greeks,. Servility beyond all thinkable examples, in the recent history of Europe. Only the Emperor is missing, replaced by the Minister of Finance, and his Empress, the Lady Chancellor.

 The crisis caused by the system of late capitalist methods of exploitation and gain with the financialization of the economy through loan and credit institutions making money, on the backs of naïve investors and the needs of subjected countries kept unstable, more vulnerable to depression, caused by the so called lending and credit bubbles, such as the housing bubble in the USA of a collapsed firm the Lehman Brothers…. At that time already the capital investment was not in production, but in money making CDO,s and CDS,s   or in the infamous Hedge Funds. This lead the poorer economies such as the European to submit to a dictatorial program of austerity which would save the banks, on the backs of the taxpayers, with accompanying unemployment rising. Meanwhile the indebted countries lived only on new loans with interest provided by the markets or central banks, keeping them continually in a state of dependency and subjection.

As long as the vicious circle of borrowing and paying by re-borrowing continues, these countries cannot serve their loans and needs with their own GDPs… This situation saves this form of capitalism and protects the interests of banks but not of the people, since investment on “money only makes money by money”, but not on production, which is left to the so called developing nations or   BRICS… and their likes. As for the cut throat competition of producing weapons for poorer counties bought by loans contracted with countries like Germany, Sweden, USA, France, Italy, Russia, often on a lend lease basis, continues unabated leading inevitably to smaller or bigger conflicts and wars between them or their proteges with tensions created artificially to keep the need for armaments alive.

 This way of keeping moribund smaller economies alive in the so called globalized economies of today serves the aim of keeping afloat the system of exchanges but never allowing them to become competitive so as to endanger the universal economic system…. Local conflicts are as necessary as were earlier outright wars. Yet it seems that a neomedieval organization is being born with Feudal interests coming to the fore once more, as countries are broken up in smaller units more manageable and dependent on the larger powers.

 The case of Portugal

 The case of Portugal which became a colony of one of its colonies Angola. Αfter it joined the Euro zone and its fiscal austerity program, it became depleted totally financially, and with another noose on its neck, rendered it dependent to two masters, especially since recently Angola’s rich firms based on diamonds began to buy up the press and MM,s. Today the EU & EZ, are more like a Roman Empire and we the dominions which have no independent powers to do anything for our own interest but follow the EE, rules and dominant nations such as Germany issuing the orders.

“Not a euro for Greece unless it terminates the program,” says the wicked financial elf Schauble. And what is the Program? More cuts in government spending, more taxes more salaries cut more firings of employees more sales of national property, known as privatization, more production of surpluses on the backs of the taxpayers

 Therefore more unemployed more in need and hunger for middle and lower incomes, more suicides for lack of funds. Indifferent to human suffering the Guardians of Austerity Measures, a small group of Nations gathered around Germany. While the poorer nations sacrifice even their own people to the steamroller of the PROGRAM, such as Spain Portugal and Ireland   whose neoliberal governments serve the high command that sieges in the EU.

 Meanwhile the economies grind to standstill, deflation sets in and nothing moves along no one buys no one is able to sell. The high euro is a noose to hang more people only profiting Germans.

 Germania delenda est, of course not the people but the State as an entity must be broken up into smaller entities as it was until Bismarck United Prussia with Bavaria …. and attacked France. What they did to Yugoslavia must be done to them under the threat of punishing penalties or even war.

 They must be forced to exist under strict rules not to join together again and become the authoritarian aggressive and paranoical arrogant Germany we see today ruling Europe through the European Union and the ECB as the main money supplier which like a Roman Governor issues orders of austerity and compliance to a dogmatic program that only poverty creates and shrinking of the economy but never growth.

 Germany and its satellites Holland and Finland

 The arguments for this kind of program have become “Eurocentric, all in the interest of protecting the Euro a currency that only serves Germany and its satellites such as Holland and Finland which both verge on fascist nationalism, in different ways. Holland as anti–immigration and racist nation and Finland as a uni-export country…of a single item they produce… ROUNDWOOD!

 The strong euro serves them both in different ways not as exporters, of for instance tulips or wooden furniture, but as strong holders of monetary and banking superiority. And no menace to the principal exporter, the central country Germany.

They are models of extension of the central power and act accordingly as guardians….of the theoretical and dogmatic integrity of the current German system of austerity.

Germania delenda est, unless this happens there will be no breather for the European nations East, West, South or North with the exception of another extension the Scandinavians, each with different bases of their economy… Sweden who was a dangerous concurrent ….. of Germany producing many goods industrially and especially weapons that were funneled discreetly through Germany, to third world countries, since it was ideologically speaking   against the principles of a country for peace. Sweden‘s social system was undermined by Germany in many ways that I will not examine presently, but mainly with out-producing them, since Germany had a cheaper working force kept under with stringent austerity and lower wages. The socialist Swedes were no match for Germany and their exports withered.

 The aberrant support of the USA

 Since Germany with the defeat in WWI lost its colonial empire which it mismanaged in a horrific manner (see The Kaiser’s Holocaust)…it is now trying with the same heavy-handedness to colonize the European Continent, and so far with the aberrant support of the USA, which does not realize that Germany is dragging them by the nose into a conflict with Russia in order to revenge herself on her defeat, it has partly succeeded in reducing most of her so called European partners in the EU to abject servility or to outright submission using the economic weapon, through the ECB with a greater dexterity but with equal stupid arrogance and pig-headedness of a dogma of economic austerity, succeeding what before its armored divisions and the Luftwaffe had not been able to achieve without first largely destroying certain countries that resisted such as Yugoslavia, Greece and Russia. …

 The main target then under Hitler was “Russia delenda est“, as its main opponent ideologically and geopolitically, by practicing genocide of the population it had occupied…The Third Reich was open as to its aims. Today the Fourth Reich has hidden its agenda behind the Trojan Horse of the EU claiming democratic principles so as to reduce this time once again, with the help of the USA the Russian colossus, a stumbling block both for Germany’s and for America’s world domination via the globalization of the economy, which with the practice of late capitalism introduced as a method of making money with money hedge funds, IMF lending, etc. and not for production of goods that was left to the peripheral or developing nations and their cheap workforce.. Thus a pool of poor countries was available for exploitation such as Africa, most of Latin South and Mesoamerica, Indonesia, Southeast Asia etc.

 The forces that tried to put an end to this situation were hopelessly outmaneuvered weak and divided. The attempts to sabotage the ruling financial oligarchic elite were easily suppressed. And then the austerity measures completely squashed for five years any dissident attempt in Europe through outright impoverishment even of their allies in the richer economies.

 Germany having succeeded in getting docile nations that either openly support her such as Holland, Finland, the Baltic countries Poland, and Slovakia, or those that owed huge debts such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece reducing them to a pre neocolonial condition of economic domination and dependency.

 The rich became richer and the poor poorer

 Once more via the EU as partners not forced but of their own will signed the Treaty of Maastricht, which was a trick worthy of Loki, for other nations, which while giving up part of their national sovereignty to the Trojan Horse the EU dominated by Germany

and the passive support of the French, became responsible of their own economic problems. By not declaring a political union the Maastricht treaty formed a monetary Union not politically and economically uneven with rich nations such as Germany and allies not being responsible for the economic difficulties of each member country, which would have to face it alone. And be uniquely responsible themselves. This signed by Greece became a noose round its throat. The remedy assigned was Measures of austerity.

In this manner the rich became richer and the poor poorer as in the classical declining capitalist system.

 America must realize that Germany is no real ally

 Now if the ex-allies in WWII decide to reduce Germany’s newly rising power what are the obstacles they would have to face? First and foremost that Germany is not at least yet in weapons a nuclear power but has over 30 or 50 nuclear reactors that can easily be converted to produce nuclear devices at a moment’s notice. This the Germans have planned a long time ago so any open confrontation would end in a draw. Germany is still the same dangerous partner in Europe as it was before. To threaten it with nuclear bombs is futile…The only other way would be to threaten Germany with overwhelming conventional forces, which could then be answered with a nuclear threat on its part. So the only way would be economic war much more difficult to conduct in a world of interrelated economies globally. One way would be to let the German giant undermine itself, by becoming top heavy and fall over which would be the ideal manner. For this the rest of European countries would have to coordinate their resistance to the German programs of exploitation, by creating their own wall of competition. Out produce them. This time the Germans are no fools they would not permit this to happen if they could stop it even if they would have to contradict themselves about their presumed aim of increasing the competitively of the poorer countries which arms their present ideological explanation. The rest of Europe then would have to elect as Greece did, left radical governments that would begin to sap Germany’s credibility with the rest of Europe..

 But in order for this to happen is for America to realize that Germany IS NO REAL ALLY but works for itself at all costs. It is using the economic crisis to dominate. Events have favored Germany’s economic rise not only by their own Will to Power as Nietzsche would have put it, but by exploiting their working class, and the crisis in the abstract Economy which they do not want to end but to perpetuate. In this manner none of the indebted countries would be allowed to become richer or more productive in the interest of the actual balance of the global economy and its practices… in Europe

 A Europe of near-slaves could only benefit Germany in its third attempt to gain global power, as became evident in the attack against the Russian economy with the economic measures, thinly veiled behind democratic and peace ideals. The treatment of the Greek voters showed how democratic were their ideals as Jean Claude Junker declared that no election vote in any country could change their program … and Germany in its headlong cavalcade of Odin on his eight footed Horse Sleipnir to world power may I add. The Germans have not come out of their primitive religion yet, only about 800 to 900 years ago they were converted to Christianity. They have kept the cunning character of their gods especially the trickster Loki… Wagner’s operas and their success have shown clearly this mentality, a window into their subconscious, of which Nietzsche was madly jealous. The old Gods don’t Twilight easily.

For above all this talk of growth and development is hidden the suicidal urge of a society like the German who see regeneration

only through catastrophe as in the famous Ragnarok the mutually exterminating battle of the gods against the giants and demons. A urge that was highlighted in Hitlerism and the Nazi mentality.


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